Last Revised: Monday, 5th of April 2021.

Takeaway Eat are absolutely committed to hosting and building the worlds largest and greatest food lovers’ community and to do this we understand protecting and safeguarding our community and their privacy is of the utmost importance. To do this, we need to protect the personal information of all our visitors, registered or not, whether they are using a mobile, desktop or any other platform to access our website (conjointly, the “Services”).

The privacy policy which is written here (“Privacy Policy”) explains in detail how Takeaway Eat, our branches, divisions, subdivisions, dependencies and affiliates share, control, collect and use your information. In this section you will also find detailed explanations on how you can exercise your privacy rights. When you decide to use our services, you agree that Takeaway Eat can use your personal data as described within this Privacy Policy. The terms “us”, “our” or “we” are intended and should be referred to as meaning the website “”, its application based platforms and the Company Takeaway Eat Ltd. as a whole and any of the terms not defined within this Privacy Policy notice will be defined within our Terms and Conditions and other terms.


Please see below a summary of the key points which outline our Privacy Policy.

1. The information that we collect from you (the user) and why we collect it:

Personal information may occasionally be received by us from other third party providers or sources such as advertising providers, networks and social media platforms (including but not limited to Instagram and Facebook) but we will only do so when we have checked with the third party that you have consented for this information to be provided to us or others and the consent allows us to process that information or if the third party has, for any other reason, been given legal consent and permission to share your personal information with us. For example, this could include information relating to demographic groups.

A. Voluntarily information that you provide to us:

● When you register through us, your registration information when you create an account so we can:

- Make an account so you are able to place orders in accordance with our Terms

- Associate and identify you with your account when you sign in to and access your account

- Establish communication with you for your opinions on the service we are providing you; and

- Provide you with notifications in relation to changes and modifications to the services we provide.

● Information related to transactions when deciding to place an order with any of the restaurants hosted on our platform for:

- Proceeding, processing and being able to bill you for your order (Takeaway Eat will never under any circumstances store your credit card information in full on our systems)

- Establishing communication with and relaying information to the restaurant about your order.

- Providing and sending you updates about your order and its current status.

- Responding to any questions and queries about your order and to provide resolutions for any arising issues.

- Undertaking statistical analysis, research and development for the purpose of improving our overall services we provide you as a consumer.

- Safeguarding you and the services we offer by monitoring, detecting and preventing fraudulent activity or any other acts that breach our Terms that are relevant to the services we offer and provide.

● Information regarding marketing preferences so we are able to:

- send to you customised marketing related to the services and products we offer.

● Your feedback on the services we offer and your opinions on them to:

- Be able to respond to any of your questions or queries.

- Publish any reviews that you may decide to submit to us about your experience of the restaurant or provided services.

- Assist in conducting research and analysis to better improve and develop the services we offer.

B. The data and information that we collect automatically:

● We collect activity information so we:

- are able to improve your overall experience.

- can allow you to access order history, preferences; and

- give you access to other services that you may request.

● Cookies and other similar technologies so we are able to:

- measure, monitor and analyse the overall use and how effective our service is.

- implement optimisation and customisation for the targeting of advertisements on other websites across platforms; and

- supply location services if you decide to share your geo-location.

C. Third party information that we obtain:

● Marketing research and analytics reports to be able to:

- measure the overall performance relating to marketing campaigns for the services; and

- better analyse and understand your overall preferences so we can customise the marketing campaigns we undertake and any provided services as accurately as possible accordingly.

We will be able to process any information you decide to provide to us voluntarily, collected information that is gathered automatically and information obtained from third party sources for the purpose of implementing new services and improving our existing services. The purpose of collecting this information is to improve search terms for food on any device you decide to use no matter where you are in the world.

2. Sharing personal information with third parties:

At times we may decide to share your personal information with any of the following organisations (whenever we decide to do so, we will take measures to ensure that we have any appropriate security and/or contractual safeguards in place to protect any material we decide to share or are required to share by any applicable laws, court orders or legislation):

● Any restaurant that you have explicitly placed an order through for the purpose of either processing and/or delivery.;

● Takeaway Eat companies exclusively within our group;

● Any third party who promotes, supports or markets any of our services. This will also include entities such as social media platforms (for example Instagram and Facebook), website and application support providers or platforms, offshore customer support providers or agents, hosting providers, marketing services providers or platforms, eCRM partners for example Socketlabs, SendGrid, SendInBlue or others who may manage some of our marketing emails and Push notifications such as FastSMS or others who may manage SMS text marketing and messages when your order is on its way, research marketing companies and processing payment providers which undertake payment card transactions – some of these third party providers could be outside your country of residence;

● Any of the following: law enforcement, government agency, court or other third party which we believe a disclosure is required under any applicable law or regulation;

● In the event of a reorganisation of entities, new business ownership, restructuring, purchase, sale or any joint venture which may also affect our business or ability to trade effectively.

3. The legal basis for being able to process personal data/information:

Takeaway Eat will always ensure that we have a legal basis to be able to collect and use any of your personal information. The main legal basis we rely on may change from time to time depending on the information type and the context in which we decide to collect it. The reason for being able to collect and use your personal information is to be able to effectively maintain and undertake our contract with you. An example of this is to ensure that you get your order at a time of your choosing and at a location of your choosing without issues occurring but we may also want to process your personal data if it is beneficial for our business to do so and is in our legitimate interests to do so.

4. International Worldwide Data Transfers:

We may at any time transfer personal information about you to countries outside of your country of residence to any other countries where Takeaway Eat or any of our service providers have any operations. Data Protection and regulation laws could differ from the actual laws of your country of residence, however Takeaway Eat will undertake and implement any appropriate safeguards to ensure your data is safeguarded in any country we send the data to in accordance with our Privacy Policy

5. Security and Restrictive Access:

Takeaway Eat places a high importance on the safety, security and safeguarding of your data. Your information will not be accessible to any authorised personal or agencies without strict rules and checking being undertaken by the agencies and our own staff to ensure the highest level of security possible. At Takeaway Eat we do not allow unauthorised processing, unlawful processing, any accidental loss, damage or destruction of your data and will undertake any appropriate safeguarding, technical and organisational measures to ensure all your data is kept safe.

6. Data Preservation and Retention:

Takeaway Eat will always do its best to retain and preserve your personal data for a required time but no longer than necessary. At any time you may ask us to delete your personal information, deactivate your account, restrict how we process your personal data or who we send your personal data to and we will do our best to do so without undue delay, however we may be required to hold onto some data for legitimate operations for example record keeping in order to be able to comply with any legal obligations. If we retain any of your personal information we will only do so in compliance with all applicable laws.

7. Your data security and protection rights:

At any time, you can access your account to be able to review, change or update your personal information that we hold about you. You are also able to contact Takeaway Eat to request us to delete your personal information, restrict the use or access of its processing or request it to be provided to a third party. It is your right to unsubscribe from any of our marketing communications that we may send to you by simply using our unsubscribe features and functionality located in any marketing communication that you will receive from us. This can also be done by logging into your Takeaway Eat profile and amending your privacy settings accordingly.

8. Website links to any third-party:

Our Takeaway Eat websites sometimes contain links from third-party websites (an example of this could be any advertisements, affiliates or possible partner networks). If at any time you decide to click on these hyperlinks and go to their websites, we cannot be held responsible for their content on these websites and our Website Terms, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy or other Terms will not apply to those websites. We therefore strongly recommend you read their Legal Agreements, Website Terms, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy or other Terms before using any third-party Website.

9. Changes and Updates to this Privacy Policy:

At any time, we may update this Privacy Policy. This can be done when there has been changes made to the technical, legal or business development and/or structure. We therefore fully encourage you to regularly check and review this page and read it with care and attention for the latest information about our privacy practices, strategies and policies.

10. Contacting Us:

If at any time you have any concerns, issues or questions about this Privacy Policy, our code of ethics or Takeaway Eat’s privacy practices then please contact our DPO (Data Protection Officer) by emailing

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